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Benefits of Frosted Window Stickers

Frosted window film is a semi-translucent Vinyl with a dusty matte or etched glass finish. It is applied to various glass surfaces. It can be custom printed with your desired graphics.

Frosted window stickers can increase privacy in your home, help brand your business shop front or improve your office space. Frosted vinyl creates an opaque effect which is applied directly to glass. It reduces the visibility through the window but does not prevent any natural light from shining through. Perfect for keeping a room bright while ensuring privacy. Frosted Vinyl adds a touch of privacy to workspace, meeting rooms still allowing sunshine in. Frosted Window Decals are a creative way of creating office partitions.

Frosted windows will prevent people from seeing into your home. It helps protect the valuable items inside as well as your privacy. There is no need for big droopy curtains that take up space and darken a room. Frosted vinyl is here to save the day. Use frosted windows instead of curtains to create some stylish modern windows.

Your shop windows need to grab the attention of potential customers as they pass your business. Whether you’re an owner of a shop, restaurant or bar, it’s important to draw in new customers. Frosted vinyl can create unique designs on your windows and give the customers on the inside a better experience. Brand your shop windows and let the sunlight shine through.

Use frosted window stickers to decorate your office windows or meeting room partitions. Add office room numbers above your door, create a stained glass effect or use it as an effective privacy film. Frosted vinyl can be easily removed, so you can change your window design whenever you want. Decorate your office meeting rooms with window frosting to achieve simple and effective privacy while making sure the room gets plenty of light.

Glass like surfaces are ideal for Vinyl adhesive Graphics. It peels off without leaving residue. However, we recommend to remove the window partitions after 5 years as over time the adhesive qualities may change and thus leave a residue.