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Keep Your Investment Safe with Inside Window Stickers

Choosing how to display a clear window decal or window cling, on the other hand, might not be as simple as applying it. The question is: should you go with inside glass or standard decals? It may seem self-explanatory as to what an inside glass window decal offers but, there’s far more to its design and placement than meets the eye.

Inside glass decals are visible from the outside but are placed on the inside face of the glass (hence the name inside glass). The adhesive will be on the front of the decal while the design will be printed on the back of the clear vinyl material, allowing it to show through to the front of the decal. Because the front side of the decal will not have any printed ink, it will stick to the surface of the glass on the inside.
The same effect can be accomplished with opaque materials. To get the inside glass functionality but with an opaque appearance, your design will be printed on the back of the equivalent clear materials. The difference is that there will be a layer of white ink that is printed behind your design to give it an opaque appearance. Because it is a white ink background, rather than a solid opaque material, it won’t have the exact same appearance as an opaque decal but will be close. In both cases the adhesive will be on the front for an interior window placement. Using this workaround your decals or clings can be opaque in nature yet be placed inside and visible from outside.
Your decal may last longer because it is placed inside and will be protected from constant exposure to the elements. This is obviously more impactful for those that live where climates can be harsh. It can also prevent any unwanted removal from pesky hooligans. While that may seem like an unimportant consideration, for large custom decals that represent your brand and are vital to your bottom line, every precaution helps if you think having them on the outside will invite the temptation for vandalism.

Choosing the right colours for your windows will determine how visible the design is through the window itself. The contrast between the decal and its surroundings is one factor that determines the quality of visibility. For clear decals, take into consideration how the design contrasts with the inside space of the building.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding between an inside glass decal or one that is printed in a standard fashion. If you’re still unclear on which option will work best for you, we are more than happy to help.