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The Beauty of Window Clings

No mess, no fuss. Our custom static clings are designed to firmly hold to any glass surface without using adhesive. This makes static clings a great option for temporary or seasonal designs, yet still practical for more permanent uses. Static clings are made from a premium vinyl, and intended for use both indoors or outdoors. They make great window displays, and because every static cling is reversible, you can cling your designs to the outside or inside of any window.

You can use custom static clings to display temporary promotions, holiday opening hours, festive decorations, or in vehicles for parking permits and membership badges. It is a type of removable window sticker that holds onto glass without using any adhesive. This way, you can easily remove the cling to reposition it, or reuse it again and again.

Both front and back sides are sticky. This way, you can stick them from inside the window and never lose them. They are reusable. Say you’re using static clings as decor for an event like Halloween. You can simply stick them on, take them off, keep it until next year, then stick them on again. They are easy to stick. No need for glue or any other type of adhesive. You simply stick them on to the glass surface and that’s it.

They are easy to remove and don’t leave residue behind. The problem with window stickers is that they can leave some of the adhesive residue behind. Static clings, on the other hand, leave no trace at all. Since they don’t require tapes or any other sticky material, you just need to peel them off.

Static cling window films or signages are better for promotions or seasonal designs because they can be easily removed and reused again. On the other hand, for a more durable and more permanent solution, window stickers that use adhesive are a better option. This applies to your store or office’s name and other permanent decors.

If your window film doesn’t use or doesn’t contain adhesive (that sticky, glue-like substance) then you can easily peel them off without leaving any residue. However, if your window film uses adhesive, making them extra clingy, you need more muscle to remove them. It is possible to remove them by force, but it can leave residue behind which you can peel off with a window cleaner or alcohol.

If you have a business or an office you want to decorate with branded static clings, it’s only proper that you use personalized ones. You don’t want to be seen using the same design as your competitor, right? Give Labelservice a call to see how we can help with all your needs.