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Types of Window Graphics to Attract Customers

The glass in front of your commercial space may be the most valuable advertising space you have!  Why, well position is a big part of it.  The area at eye level is where your customers and prospects are looking.  If they see your advertising, they will remember it.  They also “trigger” on products and services they want but have not yet quite acted on. The impulse to buy triggers them to walk in and ask. That glass surface also uses a substrate or base you already have – that makes it cost effective.

Window graphics can cover large areas and can last as long as you like. Ideal for your logo, name and standard products they are the main stay of signage. Use window lettering to add your hours of operation, your afterhours phone number and you have a very effective type of signage.  Not using your front and street facing windows is a big mistake. You have the space, and not using it can cost you customers and money.

Perforated vinyl is full of small openings and it does a couple of very interesting things:  From the side is blocks some of the sun, like a polarized film, but still allows you to have nearly full vision out. From the outside, the traffic sees your advertisement, but cannot see in. Ideal for doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, restaurants, and many other businesses.

Cling is named appropriately, it “clings” to a window using a static charge. It is a soft vinyl and can be removed with a fingernail. It is common for retail fast food to promote specials and new product introductions. Advertise for 30-45 days and then it is gone. Christmas, a sale, a closeout, events, use it for any temporary purpose. The change attracts attention and keeps traffic looking at your windows. It is ideal to “roll in the new” and then it is gone – freeing the window for the next big thing. Not making use of your windows? That is an economic mistake. Windows are your biggest “give me” in advertising. You own them, why are you not using them?? We can help you survey, design and install advertising to pull more of that traffic through the door and make them customers. Call us to learn more!