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Use Your Extra Window Space to Your Advantage

Your shop’s window panes are prime advertising space; you can place information on current deals, new merchandise or indicate your store’s hours. Window decals are perfect for delivering this information – they’re easy to put up, come in many different styles and can be switched out whenever you need.

Decals are also a great way to add some personality to your storefront. Seasonal or holiday decals are readily available to spruce up your windows and add some spirit. With the help of cool window decals, you can catch the eyes of passers-by and create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who steps through your door.

Not everything that sticks to your window is an actual decal. There are several different kinds of window dressings you may opt for, including stickers and clings.

Stickers have a printed image on one side and adhesive on the other. While usually quite strong initially, this adhesive may degrade over time depending on the type used. High temperatures may cause the adhesive to soften, destroying the bond between sticker and surface. Lower temperatures may make the sticker brittle. Because of their design, stickers have an inherent disadvantage: They have to be placed on the external side of a window in order to be visible to those outside. This means prolonged weather and sun exposure, which can result in a shorter lifespan.

Window clings stick to surfaces by virtue of static cling and are usually made of plastic. These are generally placed inside windows, thereby protecting them from the elements while still being visible to passers-by. Clings are usually easy to place and remove, leaving no adhesive behind. They’re also reusable, making them great for seasonal decorations that go up every year. However, static clings don’t endure use very well, so if you’re in need of something durable this may not be the best option.

Decals are usually made with vinyl and are fixed to surfaces by way of adhesive, which may be on the back or front of the material. There are several different strengths of adhesive you can choose from: Semi-permeant adhesive keeps vinyl window decals in place until you apply a heat source to remove them, while weaker adhesive allows you to slightly adjust the decal once placed.

Due to their adhesive strength and durable material, decals are a great option for external placement. Unfortunately, they aren’t reusable, making them a better choice for one-time deals or brand promotions.

From static clings to office signs to custom window decals, we can offer a sign that fits your needs and your establishment’s atmosphere. Fast. Local. Personal. For expert assistance, attentive service and affordable prices, contact us today.