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Winter Wonderlands on Your Windows

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts have turned to Christmas. While it may look different this year, it’s still Christmas time and window displays help get us in the mood. While Christmas windows are usually the most critical shop windows of the year, showing off your best products. Some windows, however, really work well through Christmas and also afterwards. Winter scenes in particular evoke the positive feelings of winter and some can even be adapted as the season moves towards Spring. Many examples work equally well for retailers, cafes or coffee shops or even beauty businesses wanting to keep their window looking relevant. Snowflakes are a simple option that looks good before Christmas and after, but winter scenes also create an enticing look.

Winter shop window displays can evoke the beauty of a winter countryside. The winter scene can be tweaked as the season progresses by removing snowflakes and adding flowers or bird graphics. There are many options to keep a shop or cafe window looking fresh and interesting post the Christmas period and winter landscape themes work perfectly and offer a calm focus on nature after the more indulgent Christmas season.

You can use individual stickers. These can be grouped to frame or focus interest on the products or the view into the window. Before applying stickers, tack them into position with masking tape so you can view the effect from the street. Ensure that it looks right from a number of positions as if you are walking by the shop. Get a colleague to modify the position of stickers as you direct from outside. Or you can apply stickers to the outside so you can adjust them yourself. Once they are in the perfect position, apply them to their final locations. 

Themes for window displays are endlessly flexible but always ensure the window display reflects the personality and values of your business.  Reinforce what makes your business special and unique. Surprise customers. Use bold shapes or colours to ensure it can be seen from a distance. This is essential so it grabs attention and draws interest in the window. Even if you have small items, jewellery for example, a bold display around it shouts that things are new and fresh to look at.  Boldness can be introduced with graphics from window stickers.