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Window Stickers Grab Attention

Window Stickers have proven to be an effective way to catch a customer’s attention. They provide a flexible way to market and help maximizing your advertisement at an efficient price.

A quick glimpse while driving or steering across the pathway leaves behind lasting impressions of one’s brand. They are being used on car windows similar to a film while one can market their brand on the go. At times this solves the purpose of privacy as people on one side refrain from keeping an eye on the other side and increase their brand value simultaneously.

Less creates curiosity: Keep it simple and elegant. Less words sometimes instigates the mind to go fetch for more information. Avoid being wordy. Based on where you want to keep your window decal, decide a decent font size. Say you want to keep your sign in a window along the pathway; here the font size shouldn’t be huge since that will distract a viewer. But the font size shouldn’t be as small either that you can’t communicate your point across the table.

Images speak louder than words. Science proves that while on the go, you have no more than 5 seconds to grab a potential customer’s attention before they are distracted by something else. So, making sure one can make a huge impact on the customers mind in the given time frame becomes significant. Choose suitable images whereby it creates either a good metaphor or even a good synonym to what you want to communicate because 5 seconds is too less of a time to read a wordy sign and who knows you may even lose a potential customer. Advertise for specials and offers that tempt the customer to look out for your brand.

There are varieties of window decals available based on your application and need or they can be custom made to fit in the requirement.

Perforated: These sophisticated signs appear black from inside but allow visibility outside.

Clear: With custom clear window decals you can still have the light in yet add that beautiful graphic to any window without blocking the view.

Opaque/White vinyl: With the semi-permanent opaque window decals, you can add custom graphics that will last indoor and out, yet are easily removed when you are ready for change

Static cling: These could be used for both indoor as well as outdoors application and based on the customer request opaque or clear. The biggest advantage being reusability up to 10-15 times. Frosted: Unlike the rest of the one-sided signs these can be applied on both sides, which increases privacy.