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Options for Window Stickers

Businesses have been using storefronts as a prime way to lure potential clients for many years. Even within companies, there is ample opportunity to use the kind of window signs outlined below in very creative ways. The common question is which type should be used – decal, sticker, or cling.

Window stickers is exactly as it sounds. It consists of a one-time use material that won’t be able to be repositioned. “Stickers” in this way are often interchanged with the term ”decal” from the signage industry. Instead of asking or looking for ”window stickers”, what you’re probably looking for is a window “decal.”

Window decals have an adhesive backing that allows it to adhere to the window surface. They can be installed on the outside, the inside or even in the inside facing out (this last option is known as ”interior glass” and is described below). This adhesive material ensures that your actual window sign is semi-permanent. This just means that when installing the decal there will be some wiggle room to adjust it as necessary, but when it comes to stickers when the adhesive kicks in it will be extremely difficult to reposition.

Clear window decals will be clear everywhere the design itself isn’t printed. Opaque vinyl decals offer limited to zero visibility from either side of the window. Instead of having “clear” areas surrounding your sign, wherever the layout does not cover it will be an opaque white. They offer great window view blockage when viewed from the outside, or inside out.

Window perfs are signs that let you see from the inside of your business to the exterior but not vice versa. For this reason, you can still promote your store hours, business logo or brand, and bargains while seeing out of your store. Customers approaching your shop will be able to observe the decals clearly but won’t have the ability to see inside the store. This is achieved by printing onto a material on a single side of this sign that’s perforated with small holes. These perforations won’t influence the aesthetics of your sign whilst creating a one-way visibility that many business owners desire. Contrary to a traditional sticker or window decal, static clings don’t have any adhesive side. Rather, they attach themselves through the use of static charge. These can be applied to windows and some metals.  These user-friendly vinyl signs can easily be removed and reapplied a number of times. Static clings come in clear or opaque. When using the clear vinyl, it can be printed in reverse to allow people on the outside of a business to be able to view and read the graphics properly. This cling gives the buyer two options of viewing versus one like the opaque version.