Winter Wonderlands on Your Windows

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts have turned to Christmas. While it may look different this year, it’s still Christmas time and window displays help get us in the mood. While Christmas windows are usually the most critical shop windows of the year, showing off your best products. Some windows, however, really […]

Static Clings vs. Transfer Stickers

Static clings and transfer stickers both have their own unique benefits and choosing between them takes a bit of knowledge. Labelservice can help you decide but here’s some information to get you started. Static clings are adhesive-free, reusable and completely customizable. A static cling is a thin vinyl sticker that sticks to a surface without […]

The Beauty of Window Clings

No mess, no fuss. Our custom static clings are designed to firmly hold to any glass surface without using adhesive. This makes static clings a great option for temporary or seasonal designs, yet still practical for more permanent uses. Static clings are made from a premium vinyl, and intended for use both indoors or outdoors. […]

Considerations for Window Decals

So you’re thinking about window signs for your business. You must have some idea of what you’re trying to achieve and now you need to figure out what type of decal would best suite your needs. There are many aspects to consider when you’re creating window signage for your business. There are a variety of […]

Deciding on Window Decals to Use

The question is: should you go with inside glass or standard decals? The peel-and-stick motion of a window decal is satisfyingly simple. Choosing how to display a clear window decal or window cling, on the other hand, might not be as simple. It may seem self-explanatory as to what an inside glass window decal offers […]

Benefits of Frosted Window Stickers

Frosted window film is a semi-translucent Vinyl with a dusty matte or etched glass finish. It is applied to various glass surfaces. It can be custom printed with your desired graphics. Frosted window stickers can increase privacy in your home, help brand your business shop front or improve your office space. Frosted vinyl creates an […]

The Many Uses of Window Stickers

Window Stickers

Window decals provide a flexible way to market and help maximizing your advertisement at an efficient price. Not just for your storefront, they can be used on car windows similar to a film while one can market their brand on the go. They can prove to be an effective way to grab a customer’s attention. […]

Clings for Your Store Front

Window Pull Retouched Sticker

Window Clings are a great option for brick and mortar businesses looking to fill their storefront windows with attractive branding at an affordable price. Window clings are easy to apply, can be completely customized to include your brand-specific colours and logos, and are much more affordable than other window branding products.  Make the most of […]

Use Your Extra Window Space to Your Advantage

Your shop’s window panes are prime advertising space; you can place information on current deals, new merchandise or indicate your store’s hours. Window decals are perfect for delivering this information – they’re easy to put up, come in many different styles and can be switched out whenever you need. Decals are also a great way […]

Windows Present Prime Opportunities

Window stickers, decals, and clings are popular and convenient for applying graphics and messages to glass. Car dealerships and mechanic shops often use window clings to remind drivers of their next tune-up. We might place window decals on our rear windshields as alternatives to bumper stickers. Retailers use window stickers on their glass doors and […]